Ronald Bernard Revisited

Ronald Bernard makes a powerful insider case of how a few operate the global power structure, which maintains control over the planet’s 8 billion inhabitants.1 I became aware of Bernard during the cold-like Covid virus that shut down the world economy and locked down the global population. Is the insanity of one-way arrows on grocery store isles, outdoor public basketball courts with penetration prevention chastity belt apparatuses on the hoops, sand-filled skate parks, playgrounds wrapped closed with crime scene tape, sidewalk bubble dining, 6 ft distancing markers, ubiquitous mandatory useless face diapers, plexiglass virus shields, the elderly isolated from loved ones in (un)care facilities, and public servants beating the shit out of anyone who didn’t comply that distant a memory?

I was trying to understand the mechanism of global control that supersedes the supposed “democratic” will of sovereign nations. I noted previously that only a global control system could “circumvent and restrict a spontaneous, market-based solution to what increasingly appears to be another coronavirus that our natural immune system is perfectly capable of fighting and controlling.” With the use of repurposed, available cheap drugs that were demonized and banned, Covid would have been another flu season, albeit one that was gain of function created and funded as biological warfare. Bernard gives a compelling account of how the global control that produced the Covid pandemic works. 

Three years ago, I provided a description of Bernard’s power structure, which he describes as a pyramid with eight levels.

Level 1. At the top are 8000-8500 individuals. (My note: presumably, within this group exists its own hierarchy.)

Level 2. The next level is the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) located in Basel, Switzerland.  

The BIS is the central bank of central banks. Bernard describes the BIS as the “clubhouse of all the banksters.” Its “Headquarters Agreement” states:

  • The BIS enjoys inviolability (art.2)
  • The BIS has complete immunity (art.4)

“The BIS owns absolute monetary power. The BIS is placed above all laws worldwide. The BIS won’t be controlled by anyone. The BIS is a free state with its own police force.”

The other protected free state principalities are Vatican City, City of London, and Washington D.C. Vatican City is the spiritual arm, City of London, the financial arm, and Washington D.C., the military arm.

(My note: The BIS is privately controlled by hidden owners. All central banks are currently subservient to the BIS. They do not operate independently out of national interest. Though, we are supposed to believe that they do.)

Level 3. IMF and World Bank (My Note: Bernard doesn’t state it, but the UN also occupies this level.)

Level 4. Central banks

Level 5. Big banks and stock exchanges

Level 6. Multinational corporations,

Level 7. Governments and Politician puppets

Level 8. Populace – the useless eaters

The eight levels are the basis of Bernard’s global governing structure. Other influential supranational organizations exert their power at levels below the BIS, such as the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, World Economic Forum, Davos Group, Rockefeller Foundation, Aspen Institute, Atlantic Council, Royal Institute of International Affairs, and NGOs (non-governmental organizations). Bernard states that the world intelligence services (CIA, MI6, etc.) operate as the enforcement arm of the power structure. (I place the useful idiot mainstream media at level 7.)

The structure works as a wealth extraction system. Taxation, fiat inflation, interest rate usury, money laundering, drug trade, human trafficking, perpetual war, defense expenditures, corporate and oligarch political cronyism, and unsustainable debt siphon wealth through the financial system, from producers to the elite at the top of the pyramid. The extracted wealth enables those at the top to control all levels below. The Ukraine war is the current obvious manifestation of this wealth extraction.

Those at the top of the pyramid give orders to the BIS, and it filters down through the other levels. According to Bernard, this is how the power structure governs the world. For centuries, going back at least to Adam Weishaupt organizing the Illuminati within Freemasonry in 1776, individuals have been chronicling and warning of a global power structure.2 The 1789 French Revolution, 1848 European revolutions, and 1917 Russian Bolshevik Revolution were previous attempts at consolidating global power. 

Bernard doesn’t name names, which he implies is why he is still alive. He describes the 8000-8500 at the top as invisible or unknown. They are not the highly visible Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros, and Davos Group figures commonly recognized as global power brokers.

Bernard’s most interesting comment is that while an agent for the system, he learned that the timeline for consolidating global control is 2028. In 2018, Bernard stated that,

They want in 10 years the game finished. They prefer earlier, but they will also raise the pressure and terror and every fear they can create on humans.

A year later, we got Covid, forced experimental injections, health passports, digital ID, 15-minute cities, CBDC, transhumanism, banned speech, and an ever-encroaching totalitarian security state. They have elevated the assault on family, education, culture, and religion to an all-out war.   

British author Douglas Reed has also investigated the global power structure. In the 1950s he wrote,

Nothing else so clearly showed, to me, that the line from Illuminism in 1789 to Communism today is but a line of inheritance; the same organization pursues the same aim with the same methods and even with the same words.

The same aim, methods, and words continue today under the banner of climate change. Climate change is the Communist Manifesto redux, where workers of the world unite not to lose their chains but to save the planet. Climate change is the new means for instituting the same totalitarian governing system under a seemingly less pejorative guise than disgraced Communism.

None of this is inevitable. More and more people are waking up to the reality post-Covid. The uncontrolled illegal immigration in Western “democracies”, rigged elections, fake pandemics, experimental mRNA injections, destruction of culture, family, education, religion, and rule of law, unsustainable debt, AI control, transhumanism, etc. are happening in broad daylight. Agents like the WEF tell you exactly the plan and roll it out right in front of your face. They want you to believe that you are powerless against the assault. 

So far, the forces of global control appear to be winning, but I will always bet on the infinite power of the God-given human spirit to overcome darkness for light.


  1. Ronald Bernard’s videos are on YouTube and Rumble
  2. See Nesta Webster – Secret Societies and Subversive Movements (1923), John Robison – Proofs of a Conspiracy (1793), Abbé Barruel – Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism: Vol. 1 (1797), Rev. Jedediah Morse – A Sermon Exhibiting the Present Dangers, and Consequent Duties of the Citizens of the United States of America (New York, 1799)

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