COVID – The Great Reset III

Spontaneous order is the method by which market systems operate.  It is why our grocery shelves are always full and why in command economies like the former USSR, grocery shelves were mostly barren.  It is Adam Smith’s invisible hand. Spontaneous order is the miraculous, invisible, spontaneous organization of all the producers, entrepreneurs, economic actors, intermediaries, workers, investors, and market participants who create the market economy that provides our vast surplus of goods and needs.  In the economic world, spontaneous order is most efficient with stable value currency and free trade.

The current response to the COVID “pandemic” is the opposite of spontaneous order.  It is top-down edicts that circumvent and restrict a spontaneous, market-based solution to what increasingly appears to be another coronavirus that our natural immune system is perfectly capable of fighting and controlling.  Absent the command and control, from which top-down “pandemic” edicts emanate through supranational organizations, foundations, billionaire oligarchs, big tech monopolies, corporate media, and government officials, would the world, through spontaneous order, arrive at the same solution of shutting down the global economy, creating mass unemployment, locking people in their homes, instituting curfews, closing schools, and mandating useless face masks? No, of course not. Similarly, absent its command and control order, Soviet citizens would not have willingly instituted an economic system that ensured deprivation of goods and services.  COVID has a greater than 99% survival rate, according to CDC data.  We would go about our normal lives, the same as we did in the 1968 flu pandemic that few knew existed despite its above normal lethality.

One of the strange benefits of COVID is that its totalitarian direction is so in your face that it forces one to confront how our world actually works.  As long as people are left alone, our lives within our families, friends, communities, and the larger world are mostly satisfied through faith in our God-given inalienable rights as humans. The authoritarian COVID response threatens our natural, inherent freedom.  It is a wake-up call for the defense of liberty, making it imperative to understand how our world actually operates. The Wizard is emerging from behind the curtain.

The Story of Ronald Bernard

The best examination of a global power structure I discovered is the ongoing witness and description by Ronald Bernard.  Bernard rose through the Netherland underworld ranks to become a financial fixer for what he describes as the top of the global power pyramid.  Bernard worked for the top level but wasn’t a member.  Bernard publicly states that he broke with his criminal “old life” after being invited to participate in child sacrifice as entry into the top rank.  He now gives testimony based upon a spiritual reawakening that he calls his “second life.” Bernard is an advocate for the awareness and prevention of pervasive human trafficking and child sex abuse. He gave a five-part interview to Irma Schiffers of Dutch DMV TV, which has garnered over 18 million views, about serving the power structure.  One can watch and come to their own conclusion of his authenticity.  All his videos can be viewed here.

In Part 2 of the interview, Bernard describes the global pyramid power structure.  According to Bernard, there are eight levels. 

1.  At the top are 8000-8500 individuals (My note: presumably within this group, there exists its own hierarchy.)

2.  The next level is the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) located in Basel, Switzerland.   

The BIS is the central bank of central banks. Bernard describes the BIS as the “clubhouse of all the banksters.” Its “Headquarters Agreement” states:

  • The BIS enjoys inviolability (art.2)
  • The BIS has complete immunity (art.4)

“The BIS owns absolute monetary power.  The BIS is placed above all laws worldwide.  The BIS won’t be controlled by anyone.  The BIS is a free state with its own police force.”

The other protected free state principalities are Vatican City, City of London, and Washington D.C. Vatican City is the spiritual arm, City of London, the financial arm, and Washington D.C., the military arm.

3.   IMF and World Bank (My Note: Bernard doesn’t state it, but the UN also occupies this level.)

4.   Central banks

5.   Big banks and stock exchanges

6.   Multinational corporations

7.   Governments

8.   Populace

Those at the top of the pyramid give orders to the BIS, and it filters down through the other layers.  According to Bernard, this is the way the power structure governs the world.

A Look at COVID as Manifested by a Global Power Structure

As one observes Bernard’s global power structure, each level’s role in advancing the COVID narrative towards a Great Reset goal becomes transparent.  Everything pushing the COVID narrative is interconnected.  Rockefeller is a name associated with the top of the pyramid, and the 2010 Rockefeller Foundation document provided the blueprint for our COVID world today. Event 201 that game-planned the immediately forthcoming “pandemic,” directly connects with Gates’s Gavi and the WEF through the many UN affiliations. 

The BIS and its central banks have funded the initial lockdown economic contraction through monetary creation.  In the U.S., this inflationary base money creation flows through the TBTF depository institutions in deposits on their Fed accounts and loans via the Fed’s post-Covid created funding programs.  The Fed loan programs barely filter down to the most vulnerable and impacted–the poor, working class, and newly unemployed–and its money creation negatively affects wages and savings through future inflation.

The unjustifiable lockdown is wiping out small business owners.  There will be no recourse for them other than the loss of their invested work.  COVID is a great economic redistribution from the middle class to corporate behemoths. As an example, a politician indefinitely shuts down a small business selling candles and forces it into bankruptcy.  Meanwhile, subsidized by tax exemptions, the USPS, and government contracts for AWS, Amazon delivers all the candles you want to your front door amid its soaring stock price.  The middle class will take the brunt of the COVID economic impact. The Great Reset aims to eliminate the middle class. It envisions a population who own nothing and exist on the scraps of a universal basic income (UBI), serving the interests of those at the top who own everything, the Globalists.  According to WEF’s President Klaus Schwab, “you will be happy.”

The third level IMF, World Bank, and the UN, create the connections that extend in spiderweb-like fashion through the lower levels.  This multitude of connections directed by the top governs our world. Directly connected to the third level are supranational organizations such as the European Commission, WEF, Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Davos Group, and many others.  Mysteriously, our world closely follows the agenda that results from these unaccountable supranational organizations’ annual conferences.

Through the third level flow all the connections with foundations, NGOs, organizations, multinational corporations and banks, monopolistic Big Tech, billionaire oligarchs, Big Pharma, national health organizations CDC, NIH, NIAID, independent institutions like Tavistock, university affiliations, World Council of Churches, mainstream media, government officials, and governments.  Green initiatives–the Paris Agreement, carbon tax advocacy, alternative fuels, clean energy, windmills, the sad elevation of Greta Thunberg as a puppet environmental icon, and the movement to restrict economic and personal freedom through energy control–emanate from the UN. Under the green banner, sustainability is the catch-all word for justifying environmental control.

Are we to believe that global politicians have independently arrived at COVID policies that devastate their constituents economically and psychologically and that they are implementing them solely through misguided goodwill?  Look around the world at what is happening under the governance of Daniel Andrews in Melbourne, Australia, Emmanuel Macron in France, Boris Johnson in Great Britain, Justin Trudeau in Canada, and likely Biden in the U.S.—to the extent that Biden can cognitively comprehend he has a policy—and every other country supporting, or under the debt control, of the IMF and World Bank.

Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko states on the record that he was offered a $940 million bribe from the IMF/World Bank to lock down his country in the same manner as Italy.  This despite Belarus, with a population of 9.5 million, having “officially reported” only 680 COVID deaths as of September 2020.

The common messaging emanating from all power structure levels is evidence of top-down control. Lockdowns, economic destruction, psychological fear, false-positive testing, non-stop MSM COVID reporting, false hospital occupancy, coming mandatory vaccines, health passes, useless face masks, suppressed negative face mask efficacy studies, quarantine of healthy people, the demonization of cheap, effective cures, and official encouragement to report on your neighbor are common global responses.  (Nixon 1971: We are all Keynesians now.  COVID 2020: We are all Stasi now.)  Then along comes the ubiquitous inane slogan, Build Back Better. 

This is meant to be only a cursory glance at the power structure, a subject that requires a comprehensive investigative book.  The global power structure comes into focus with the clarity of the COVID origination and response.  Looking deeper into history’s wars, economic crises, financial engineering, and political upheaval, one can observe the same type of power structure behind the scenes orchestrating events.  Rapid technological and AI advances are greatly enabling the totalitarian infrastructure necessary for global control.  If Klaus Schwab gets his way, we will become transhumanists.  Advances in life-like robot sex dolls may be propitious. 


COVID – The Great Reset II 

COVID – The Great Reset


  1. Katie

    This is a truly excellent article. It summarizes perfectly how the power structure operates. What I’d be interested in knowing is just how much insider info the puppet players (like the utterly corrupt Justin Trudeau) have concerning the intentions of the big boys at the top (the 8000). I mean, do these puppet clowns actually believe there is a deadly virus, or are they just play-acting? I know Trudeau is all open about, and on-board with, the Great Reset etc., and Covid provides an opportunity for to advance that agenda, but do you think he knows all these measures are b-s? In which case he and his ilk are not just corrupt, but thoroughly evil.
    It would also be interesting to learn more about the 8000-8500.
    Thank you for a really great article! I look forward to reading more!

    1. Michael Kendall (Post author)

      Thank you for your comment.

      It’s hard to categorize the motivation of those serving globalists’ interests–some combination of greed, advancement, maliciousness, blackmail, ignorance, stupidity, or evil.

      Bernard is quite clear in discussing his former life about how they responded to the criminal destruction they created. They enjoyed it and laughed about the destruction left in their wake.

  2. Katie

    Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my question. Incredible: they laughed at their wanton destruction! Utterly evil.
    Thank you for the work you are doing to raise awareness about these issues.

  3. Jonathan

    Thanks for another excellent article Mike. I’ve been reading Ross Douthat’s ‘The Decadent Society’ and his chapter on soft totalitarianism is resonant with what you are outlining. Rod Dreher’s new book, “Live Not By Lies’ also offers an historical road map of how totalitarianism overtakes societies that once would have thought themselves immune. I would be fascinated to know who is truly at the top of the pyramid. It’s all starting to read like Robert Hugh Benson’s ‘Lord of the World.’


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