Covid and World Revolution

The British historian and author Douglas Reed on Communist theory:

The theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.

Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum Great Reset, 4th Industrial Revolution, Transhumanism, Digital ID dystopian future promises that: By 2030, “You will own nothing. And you’ll be happy!”

Sound familiar with any Russian history? Less the happy part.

The current attempt at the next iteration of Communist theory is coming under the guise of climate change and sustainability on the back of the global fake Covid pandemic response. It’s a different manifesto under the same centuries-long globalist world revolution agenda.

World revolution requires control of the global press. Controlled media is not unique to today. Press control going back to 1797 was the most surprising discovery Reed made in his research.

This (press control) was one of the most surprising discoveries yielded by the research which produced this book. In my own day I have been forced to realize that this control exists, and that a writer who writes about the world revolution in the vein of Edmund Burke will find all avenues of publication closing against him.

Sound familiar with anything happening today?

If the idea of world revolution seems difficult to internalize, it’s because if it were apparent, we wouldn’t be watching the world collapse in front of us today.   

An inquisitive individual researching outside our institutionalized, controlled version of history will find well-documented previous organized attempts at world revolution. From the 1789 French revolution, 1848 European revolutions, 1917 Bolshevik revolution, two 20th century world wars, to today’s universal global “pandemic” response with forced experimental injections, digital IDs, and the coming climate change sustainability edicts, nothing is new under the sun. It’s one long continuum.

After the Kennedy assassination, the CIA issued a memo to counter critics of official government narratives. The term “conspiracy theory” was born. Today, the “conspiracy” pejorative is used as a hammer to indiscriminately pound into submission and irrelevance any critic who questions the government narrative. 

The memo states a CIA response is “To employ propaganda assets to answer and refute the attacks of the critics.”  This effort at propaganda has defined every mainstream nightly news broadcast for the last two years. It’s a seamless transition from the intelligence agencies to the newsroom.

Rapid advances in technology provide an interesting evolution in the control of the press. Tech advances both consolidate and decentralize information control. Big tech giants Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon attempt to silo, control, and censor “unapproved” information while the internet facilitates its uncontrolled dissemination. Along with big tech’s use of AI to control information, the government security state has adopted AI as its primary tool for citizen control. The unaccountable security state violates our individual Constitutional rights without repercussion.

Cryptocurrency and the blockchain remain the best technological advance to break Big Tech’s lock on information control, but they remain not ready for prime time. An issue on which I have written repeatedly.    

The attempt at world revolution has been a centuries-long, unbroken attack on culture, education, family, and religion. World revolution requires the destruction of sovereign nations. Culture, education, family, and religion are the foundational qualities that form and strengthen a nation. While the assault on culture, education, family, and religion may have seemed somewhat subtle in previous decades and unrecognizable from past centuries, today it is an in-your-face frontal assault. It’s impossible for anyone with an open mind not to recognize the current cultural degradation.

Successful world revolution requires the destruction of religion and the creation of a new man, Klaus Schwab’s transhumanism—the melding of man and machine. Transhumanism is merely technological refinement of the failed Bolshevik attempt at the creation of a Soviet new man. Rapid technological advances are facilitating mind-control technology. Reed again cuts to the chase on the subjugation of the human spirit.

Its (Western civilization) greatest improvement was in the field of the spirit and of man’s behaviour towards man. The West established men’s right to public charge and open trial, or release, (a right which was again in jeopardy in the Twentieth Century) and this was the greatest advance in the entire history of man; on the survival or destruction of this achievement depends his future.

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  1. Jonathan

    Good synopsis Mike thanks. I had a long lunch with an intelligent public official recently and made the point that what we are seeing is not new but its reach, due to advances in technology, is instantaneous and truly global. Ultimately, it will be a test of ontological attributes of the human person such as the drive toward freedom and truth pitted against coercion, fear and control. It’s the same old game with a new name and new tools.


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