COVID – The Great Reset

What is going on in our world? Why did normal life change so quickly and drastically?  What’s behind it?

If anyone in January 2020 predicted that by the summer of 2020, portions of our major cities would be graffiti littered boarded up husks amid pockets of burned-out shells, statues across America would be pulled down, books banned, classic movies removed from distribution, speech and words redefined, police defunded, rioting defended, Marxist ideology welcomed, small businesses mandated closed, universities as a bastion for banned speech and ideas (well that one was predictable), an army of unemployed, massive debt amid a deteriorating economy, general lawlessness within the background of an evident presidential coup enacted at the highest level of the Obama administration, and all defined by the sudden discovery of systemic racism that pervades the body politic like a virus overtaking a weakened immune system, pre-mask society would label that person an unrecoverable conspiracy crank. Welcome to the Great Reset.  

It is time to retire the canard, “conspiracy theory.” The CIA created the “conspiracy theory” pejorative after JFK’s assassination to discount and marginalize any investigation that challenges official government findings. The only real conspiracy is intelligence agency collusion with the mainstream media (MSM) (Operation Mockingbird) to actively suppress, by false public denigration, REAL investigations into rogue intelligence agency operations, corrupt government officials, complicit corporations, tax-exempt foundation money flows, unconstrained political outlays, international tax dodges, criminal banker money laundering, and supranational unaccountability.

Now flashing like a neon warning sign for anybody paying attention, international organizations, foundations, and individuals, via government officials from the local to the national level, are advancing increasingly totalitarian control mechanisms in the wake of the appearance of COVID.  One need only google Melbourne Australia and look at what is happening there under the cover of COVID. There is an agenda behind this, and it is very public. The UN and its many subset organizations, particularly the World Economic Forum (WEF), lay it out on their websites in great Orwellian detail. The WEF has a title for it, The Great Reset.

One could see the initial reports of COVID-19 as a naturally occurring, transformative health risk event, regardless of whether you accept the silly story of the Wuhan wet market bat origination. COVID was real, spreading, and deadly to the elderly and at-risk individuals, particularly if you have the misfortune of living in a state where the governor forces their contagious elderly into death trap nursing homes.

The first clue in the collapse of the MSM COVID narrative was an early on, readily available, and cheap cure with the anti-malarial drug Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). This came from Dr. Didier Raoult in France, and Dr. Zev Zelenko in the U.S. Zelenko has a prescribed protocol of HCQ+zinc+azithromycin for the most susceptible. Clinical studies show that, when treated early, the hospitalization rate for those on the Zelenko protocol was one-sixth that of the control group. When taken early, the Zelenko protocol vastly reduces the need for hospitalization and ventilators.

Trump early on picked up on HCQ as a cure, and HCQ immediately became politicized. HCQ has been in use for 65 years. It is a cheap, effective drug used for malaria, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis. As soon as Trump advocated HCQ for COVID, media reports that HCQ will kill you became common. Yes, after 65 years of widespread use, the same drug is now suddenly going to kill you! Some governors banned its use, and pharmacies made it difficult to get. Doctors became reluctant to prescribe HCQ. Doctors who publicly advocated HCQ for COVID were ostracized and at risk of losing their job. Big tech Google, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter ban information on the use of HCQ for COVID under the designation of dangerous misinformation.  Dr. Simone Gold lost her job at two hospitals for speaking out publicly in favor of HCQ for COVID. The Lancet, one of the world’s premier medical journals, published a negative result study on the use of HCQ for COVID based on the made-up data of a fly-by-night company called Surgisphere. It would have taken anyone about 30 minutes of an internet search to determine that Surgisphere was a scam company. Yet, Lancet relied on and published their fake data. The Lancet quickly retracted the study. The media gave wide attention to a similar severely flawed VA study for its proclaimed negative HCQ efficacy result.

It quickly became apparent that COVID mainly afflicted the elderly and those with comorbidities. The solution early on became obvious. Isolate, treat, and protect those most at risk with a known cheap, effective cure and open up the economy and return to normal life for the rest. The U.S. could have returned to normal as early as March. In the interim, pharmaceutical companies could continue to bring new, properly tested treatments and drugs to the market. 

Instead, the opposite occurred. Fauci, the CDC, WHO, Pharma, and the MSM demonized HCQ as a cure and continue to promote non-existent vaccines and unproven exorbitant cost drugs as the solution.  

This vacuum left us with supposed experts batting conflicting health advice back and forth like a ping pong ball. Masks are ineffective. Social distance. No, masks are effective. You must wear masks unless you social distance. No, even when social distanced, wear a mask. Wear a mask everywhere, even in your home. Wear face shields. Social gatherings are bad. Close churches and schools. Youth are not susceptible nor impacted. Close schools anyway. Crowded protests are OK. But only if protests are on the correct side of the political spectrum. Ignore social distancing for politically correct protests. Unless the crowd is a Trump rally. Then it’s a super spreader event. A second wave is coming. Yet, we didn’t actually have a first wave. The CDC states there is a 99 percent survival rate for those under age 70. We must shut down the world for a second wave despite a first wave no more harmful than annual flu. A vaccine will save us. There has never been a preventative coronavirus vaccine. The world won’t return to normal until a vaccine that has never existed exists.  It is a purposeful ploy to promote ever conflicting advice to keep the public confused, frightened, and controlled.   

If you haven’t figured it out yet, COVID is just the planned excuse to justify the New World Order (NWO) agenda—an agenda that has been around for centuries. Leaps in technological advances and AI are making the technocratic control necessary for NWO a reality. The NWO, the centerpiece of George Bush Sr’s presidency, is a phaseout of nationalist democratic governance in favor of centralized globalist control. The Great Reset is a euphemism for advancing the NWO.

Here’s all you need to know about the Great Reset NWO. Unless you consider yourself a member of the less than one percent global elite, the Great Reset NWO is not for your benefit.

The WEF has plans for you couched under all sorts of pleasant-sounding, neutral terms: resilience, stakeholder, stakeholder economy, stakeholder capitalism, communitarianism, social contract, UBI—universal basic income, human dignity, equality, public good, ESG—environmental, social, and governance, “green” everything, and the MOAT (mother of all terms), sustainability. Everything falls under the “sustainability” rubric of saving the planet. It is the catchall excuse for justifying control of everything humans do, and AI is now conveniently here to make it possible.  Including the unmentionable goal of depopulation. That’s not so pleasant sounding to the 99 percent, so that goal remains publicly muted.

Coming, a more in-depth look behind the facade.


  1. JD

    It’s interesting to note that the recent papal document from Pope Francis is pushing the same globalist agenda. It’s coming from every angle.

  2. Michael Kendall (Post author)

    Archbishop Viganò addresses Pope Francis’ exacerbation of the Church schism since Vatican II as Deep Church. The globalist agenda is coming from every front.

    Transcript of Viganò’s Oct 23, 2020 address to the Catholic Identity Conference

    1. Michael Kendall (Post author)

      Archbishop Vigano’s letter to President Trump. A powerful and more succinct summary of the biblical implications regarding the globalist agenda.


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