COVID – The Great Reset IV Addendum

Bullet points from an excellent discussion video on COVID with Michael Yeadon, Rocco Galati of the Constitutional Rights Centre, and others

Mike Yeadon

  • The COVID genetic sequence is similar to the common cold – COVID shouldn’t be a problem
  • Predictions made at the onset of COVID were frighteningly wrong on deaths
  • Childlike responses/beliefs to COVID
  1. running and hiding
  2. covering our faces
  3. illness without symptoms
  4. infect others without symptoms
  5. NHS in the UK advises staying away, with other diseases, from a doctor
  • Wartime Act created in the UK due to COVID suspends
  1. travel
  2. free speech
  3. budgets huge increases in government outlays for COVID
  • Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) in the UK has a sub psychological group to manage people
  • When lockdown began in March, we were already past the peak of virus infection spread
  • Death from COVID is one year past the average age of death for all other causes – the UK average is 83
  • Avg time for flu to transmit is about 3 months.  So much more transmittable COVID should be shorter.  Why 11 months later are we still talking about COVID?
  • Flu bigger threat to young than COVID, yet we shut down schools
  • A second wave is without precedent
  • PCR testing went out of trained labs into untrained staff samples – Poor training accounts for second wave – no oversight
  • PCR testing flawed – a second wave is not associated with respiratory issues
  • All mortality deaths fell as autumn COVID deaths rose – no second wave
  • COVID is over – no public health emergency – only the MSM promotes it non-stop
  • Excess COVID deaths occurred in the elderly – the rest of the deaths likely attributed to COVID are home deaths from an unattended treatable disease
  • We are allowing a totalitarian state
  • COVID is not a scientific or medical problem
  • Requires a political solution – either through government debate or people in the streets
  • End PCR mass testing or testing of any kind
  • Asymptomatic transmission is not possible

Rocco Galati  

  • Constitutional Rights Centre – suing Medical establishment, Police, Authorities 
  • Sees COVID as billionaire oligarch political-economic transformation
  • Human attributes are inalienable rights – to think, form a belief, communicate that belief, associate with others, assemble, socialize, and petition your government
  • COVID is negating our inalienable rights through – quarantine, self-isolation, social distancing, masking, unable to see one’s children and grandchildren
  • COVID is stripping away qualities that make us human – our human attributes
  • The problem is global – COVID edicts are constant across the globe in every jurisdiction in the world
  • Global agenda – they have money, police, media – but don’t have the consent or obedience of people of conscience
  • This is not a bonafide pandemic – only fraudulent propaganda of global machinery that is propagating it – science doesn’t support it, medicine doesn’t support it, death rates don’t support it
  • Mark Twain’s credited quote applies – “It’s easier to fool the people than to convince them they have been fooled.”
  • Constant changing of the rules is a psychological ploy to confuse people until they give up and say, tell me what to do
  • In Canada, government statistics show no more people have died of COVID than annual flu
  • Victor Hugo wrote:  “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”  When people stand up and withdraw their consent for the totalitarian fascist bent and say it’s over, it’s over – open your shops, go to your schools


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